Handgun: Building Essential Skill


This course is for those who own their own firearm and want to learn how to effectively use it. You MUST bring your own firearm, protective gear and ammunition. A carry permit is not necessary to attend this course.


The course topics include but are not limited to the following:


Firearm Safety Rules

Nomenclature (Anatomy of a pistol)

Fundamentals of shooting

Identifying and clearing common handgun malfunctions

Live fire - Each student will load, fire and unload a handgun


Course Cost: $200/person

Course Length: 6 Hours


    There are no refunds on Taurean Stratigies courses or classes however, you may transfer your registration fee to another student. If the class is canceled by Taurean Strategies, students will receive a full refund. There are also no refunds in cases of accidental registration. If you register for the wrong class, your payment will be held and can be used towards a future class.

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